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Adjustable Beds

Do you or know someone who is struggling to get in or out of bed? Feel like there’s a more comfortable way to sleep, but can’t find that “right” position? The adjustable bed is the perfect solution to your struggle. The bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s your place to rest, unwind, and relax. In other to achieve this, you need the perfect bed, comfortable, luxurious, and pleasing to the eye. ... At Chairs and Bed Direct. we have created a range of adjustable beds that tick all of the above. Available in single, double, and dual-action in a selection of fabrics, as well as a host of additional options and mattresses, we can help you create your dream bed. We offer one of the largest ranges of adjustable beds in the business, and our Electric Adjustable Beds range starts with high specifications and can be supplemented with various options to provide a bed that is built especially for you. Chairs and Bed Direct Company has a wide range of adjustable bed styles to suit every taste, from contemporary to more classic finishes. Coverings include damasks to knitted stretch fabrics, and shallow or full height bases come with options for end or side drawers, wooden feet, and headboards. The adjustable mechanisms on our products are robust, smooth, and quiet, with built-in safety features complying with the highest UK and European standards. Wired or infra-red hand controls are included for easy adjustment, or to activate the optional massage functions. Sleep in comfort and wake up feeling energized and rested each day with our range of adjustable beds made in the UK for each client. Each of our adjustable beds offers unique support to different areas of the body, which can help relieve minor aches and pains, promotes better circulation, and ensures a restful night’s sleep.

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