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Rise and Recline Chairs

Chair and Bed Direct company supply a range of different electric rise and recline chairs. These luxury mobility chairs are available in a variety of different upholsteries, sizes, motor action types, and backrest styles. With this in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect chair that suits your needs. ... Riser recliner chairs are built specially to reduce the pressure applied to your joints, neck, and back. Through a carefully handcrafted design, rise and recline chairs not only allow you to recline so that you can put your feet up and relax, but they also rise, making it easier to get back on your feet. The recline, lift and tilt motions in our riser recliners are powered by a single or dual motor. Chairs and Bed Direct have created an exceptional range of rise and recline chairs which will give utmost comfort without compromising on looks. With riser chair seats and mobility chairs to suit a variety of tastes, an enormous selection of wonderful textures and leathers, as well as a host of optional extras, we are sure that we can construct the ideal chair for you. We pride ourselves on the fact that every one of our Rise and Recline chairs is made in the U.K. with the highest quality materials and tested beyond British standards, so they last longer with more extended guarantees. On top of this, we are confident that our prices will give you exceptional value for money and a chair that will provide you with countless hours of comfort and joy. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced craftspeople has a simple aim - to help you make the best of your home. We offer white glove delivery and eradicate sales associates in other to provide you the furniture at an affordable price.

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